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Tacoma Decorative Concrete


CHS Concrete is the leading source for decorative concrete services in Tacoma, WA and the nearby communities. Concrete has always been a popular building material due to its unmatched strength and weather-resistant qualities. For a long time, however, concrete installations were not really considered to have much aesthetic appeal.

How things have changed! Today, there are Tacoma decorative concrete surfaces that are as beautiful as they are efficient and resilient. Our company specializes in the use of modern construction technologies for designing and installing many different Tacoma decorative concrete surfaces.

The wide-ranging flatwork done by our Tacoma decorative concrete company includes construction of colorful stamped:

  • Driveway concrete installations
  • Patio concrete installations
  • Sidewalk concrete installations
  • Walkway concrete installations
  • Flooring concrete installations

Talk to our experts today to learn more about the services offered by us as decorative concrete contractors.

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Tacoma Decorative Concrete Contractors


When it comes to hiring Tacoma decorative concrete contractors, it is best to go for seasoned professionals like us with an extensive past service record showcasing their capabilities.

We have been catering to the demand for Tacoma decorative concrete contractors since 2009. The owners/managers of numerous homes, commercial buildings and industrial facilities that we have worked in since then will vouch for our exceptional expertise as Tacoma decorative concrete contractors.

We are eager to add your name to this long list of happy customers! Do not waste any more time looking up the various Tacoma decorative concrete contractors. Hire us and benefit from all the qualities that make us the top-rated:

  • Stamped concrete contractors
  • Colored concrete contractors
  • Stamped concrete specialists
  • Decorative concrete service providers

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Tacoma Decorative Concrete Company


At our Tacoma decorative concrete company, we respect the time and money that our clients invest in the project they sign us up for. We go all out to bring them optimal returns on the investment.

Come to us for a Tacoma decorative concrete company that is focused on serving your best interests. The technicians put by our Tacoma decorative concrete company on your project work as sincerely, diligently and skillfully as if doing the job in their own home.

Our Tacoma decorative concrete company also puts in innovative techniques and high-grade materials into the job. Indeed, you cannot choose better than our:

  • Stamped concrete company
  • Stamped concrete overlay company
  • Decorative concrete installer
  • Concrete stamping company

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