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Frederickson Sidewalk Concrete


Are you considering getting a sidewalk concrete installation near Frederickson, WA? We, at CHS Concrete can be of great help. We have some of the most experienced sidewalk contractors working in our company. When you opt for our Frederickson sidewalk concrete services, you add a durable surface to your property.

If you want an area that lives up to your expectation for a long time, you can consider our Frederickson sidewalk concrete services. We guarantee that our team will use only the best quality material possible for installing concrete surfaces on your property. These are the types of Frederickson sidewalk concrete structures that we can install:

  • Concrete path around house
  • Concrete slab walkway
  • Concrete block walkway
  • Concrete stained sidewalk

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Frederickson Sidewalk Contractors


We suggest you choose our Frederickson sidewalk contractors because of our skills. We will give your concrete walkways any finish that you may desire. Even if you want a natural stone-like look for your surface, you can rely on our Frederickson sidewalk contractors for the job.

Our Frederickson sidewalk contractors can install surfaces in both commercial and residential properties. If you would like to learn about hiring our team, you can call the given helpline number at any time. We will answer all your questions on the spot. You can choose us as your sidewalk contractors when you need any of the following services:

  • Concrete sidewalk resurfacing
  • Concrete sidewalk repairing
  • Concrete sidewalk recoating
  • Concrete sidewalk replacement

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Frederickson Concrete Walkways


In addition to installing Frederickson concrete walkways, you can hire our team to fix your existing structures. We understand that your sidewalk concrete surface might see a lot of wear and tear over the years.

Our team can rectify it with the services for Frederickson concrete walkways we offer. You can also hire us to make your concrete surface waterproof.

If you would like to learn about the rates of our services related to Frederickson concrete walkways, you can schedule a consultation with our crew members. For this, we have a dedicated helpline that is active throughout the week.

Our team will always give you the best quality service for a great price. We even offer these services for your Frederickson concrete walkways:

  • Sidewalk leveling
  • Patching sidewalk
  • Filling sidewalk cracks
  • Sealcoating sidewalk

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